Diesel Boxer was founded by Steve And Angela Clark for their love for animals. For over 15 years we have devoted our lives to all animals. From rescuing dogs, training, grooming, boarding and now to our new handmade pet products, there is nothing we can't do to improve the well being of our animals. 

Steve and Angela journey originally started by a dream of having a career working with animals.  We then proceeded to live this dream and started Fresh Pets. Fresh Pets is a well known grooming, boarding, daycare and pet wellness home based business. Through Fresh Pets we have fell in love with so many amazing animals and their behaviours. Our beloved dobermans, Shadow, Kodi, Kahlua and Diesel were our inspiration for starting Dieselboxer leather designs. We started off by making our own dogs custom handmade leather collar with their names and number stamped on it. We could not find a strong sturdy collar that showed their lovable personality. It was heartbreaking when people would avoid us because of how dobermans are portrayed as vicious dogs in so many hollywood movies. So we began designing a line of pet products to be classy and inviting for everyone. 

 Now, everyone wants to meet Diesel at the park and ask where we got his beautiful leash and collar. As word of mouth caught on, our hobby turned into a business. We had lots of success with our first business Fresh Pets and felt it was time to build our own brand.  We built a website called Diesel Boxer leather designs after Diesel's first and middle names. Please take some time to look over our products and feel free to email with any questions or comments that you may have. Thank you for your time and interest in DieselBoxer and thank you for supporting our local SPCA and Laps facility. 

*Note a portion of all sales goes to supporting Addison's and further research*

Diesel Boxer Sept. 27th, 2009 - Nov. 27th, 2017

 In 2009, we adopted Diesel. He was the sweetest puppy  and was so full of love. For four years Diesel excelled in every aspect of a dogs life. He was the leader of the pack among all his fur friends, top in his class in Agility and truly mans best friend. Sadly, at age four Diesel was diagnosed with Addison's disease. When he started loosing interest in playing fetch and his appetite diminished we knew something was not right. We took him into the vet for blood work and found out that Diesel suffers from Addison's disease.  Addison's disease is a tricky diagnosis and if left untreated can be fatal. But after getting the proper treatment and his monthly dosage of Procortin-V Diesel symptoms began to get better. Now at age 7 years old and still so full of life, in June 2016, Diesel became our spokes-dog for dieselboxer leather. His photos can be seen on our Instagram page modelling our latest styles. 

With a very heavy heart and no easy way to say on Nov. 27th, 2017 at age 8 Diesel passed away. He now lives in our hearts and in spirt through Dieselboxer leather. You will always be loved and missed!

Both Angela and I (Steve) are self taught leather artist, learning techniques from reading books, watching videos and asking knowledgeable leatherworkers.  Since 2015, I have developed my own style using quality tools, techniques, and materials.  I enjoy the process of choosing the perfect piece of leather and turning it into a unique piece of art for your pet.

All our product are hand made in Vancouver, BC and we source all of our supplies locally as well. I hope you enjoy your new Diesel Boxer products as much as we enjoyed making them.


Steve & Angela Clark